Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kate Gerig, Bieber, Lassen County, California

The next photo album belonging to Esther Durfee has now been scanned. By this time she was Esther Durfee Crews. Photos of many people, sadly no photos of Esther are located in the album. These photos cover the time frame from about 1919 to 1923.

It is believed that most of the photos were taken in Bieber, Lassen County, California. There are of course exceptions to this and they are noted when found.

Today’s photos are of Kate Gerig. They were taken about 1921-1923. I haven't located further information about Kate. Was Gerig her maiden name or her married name? I expect her married name as I found this link discussing her hats.

 Kate Gerig & Clayton Reber [son of Beulah Reber] ca 1921

 Kate Gerig (on left) and [Mrs.] Carmel Holcomb. [wife of Alvin Holcomb]