Sunday, July 29, 2012

Virginia Genealogy Links

There is room for more Virginia genealogy links, so I hope you'll share your links too.
Virginia Genealogy, Facts and Records Resources :: Genealogy Inc.
Virginia | Learn |
Cyndi's List - United States - Virginia
Virginia: Genealogy, Census, Vital Records
Virginia Genealogy Trails
Virginia Genealogical Society--Join Us Today!
America's First Familes, 1600s Colonial Ancestors, Genealogy Society, data Base, roll of honor, and more
Virginia, Naturalization Petitions, 1906-1929

The Library of Virginia
What We Have
Virginia, Fairfax Co., Northern Neck Land Grants
Marriages - Freedman's Bureau
Life Histories WPA, Virginia Interviews
Multi-Catalog Search

The Library of Virginia Digital Library Program
Virginia Memory: Virginia Chronology
Virginia Memory: Virginiana

VA Civil War
Virginia Tech |American Civil War Newspapers

Repositories of Primary Sources: Eastern United States and Canada
Virginia Genealogy; Eastern Shore Public Library - Digital
Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography
Students of the University of Virginia - 1878
History of Fredericksburg, Virginia
History of Augusta County, Virginia
History of Rockbridge County, Virginia
Newport News Digital Library — City of Newport News
Virginia Genealogists, The
Probing the Past, 1740-1810
Lancaster County: Mary Ball; Library and Research Center
Lancaster County: Mary Ball; Estates Database Search
Virginia Gazette, 1736-1780