Monday, December 5, 2011

Goals for December 2011

I am taking up the inspiration I found online from Stephanie at Corn and Cotton: My Family's Story and Terri's Finding OurAncestors and Denise's Genealogy Journey all posted today. They are stating their goals for the month, and then we’ll inspire each other to accomplish the goals, and set new ones every month. This might actually be very motivating for me! Thank you all for the inspiration, I really appreciate it!

December will be a busy month already so my goal list will be short.

My goals for December:
  1. Write 3 blog posts. At least one for my Genealogy and Other Thoughts  and 2 for My Wonderful Family 
  2. Get the pile of photos on the work table in date order and start (maybe finish) putting them in a photo album.
  3. Scan more of the photos on said work table
  4. Create a blogging schedule and an idea list for future blogs
  5. Do indexing at least once per week for FamilySearch

Thank you for your inspiration, now I need to get to work! In the months ahead I’ll try to stay with Stephanie’s goal format (noted below), but no promises. Just making goals is a step in the right direction for me!

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