Monday, July 11, 2011

U.S. Coast Guard, "E.N. School Class B-136, Groten, Conn."

My father served in the U.S. Coast Guard during WWII and Korea. He was pretty good about labeling photos.Going through some of his things, I located this photo. I have included 3 photos here, and an index to them. First we have the original photo, then the photo with all the numbered hats and then the name list (from the back of the original photo) and then the index I created by numbering the hats. Disclaimer in list of names.
If you find a man you know, please let me know! I'd like to know if I have the name correct, and if it was correctly spelled. I'd be happy to share a copy of the photo upon request.
1.      Ludovici
2.      Bost
3.      Mann
4.      Kauth
5.      Gwynn
6.      Downing
7.      Pinell
8.      Leggett
9.      Parsons
10.  Osburn
11.  Sundeleaf
12.  Walling
13.  Roth
14.  Sexton
15.  Thomas
16.  Wignor
17.  Seigal
18.  Moratt
19.  Hamilton
20.  Curnick
21.  Cohen
22.  Johnson
23.  Unknown
24.  Unknown
25.  Unknown
26.  Unknown
27.  Unknown
28.  Levrile / Levrlle / Levriie
29.  Davis
30.  Flick
31.  Garbutt
32.  Olson
33.  John
34.  Balls
35.  Burch
36.  Fullar, Leo
37.  Seifkes
38.  Hanson
39.  Lao
40.  Earll
41.  Cook
42.  Carmichel / Carmichael
43.  Mixson
44.  Budanauro
45.  Leon W. Brinkley
46.  McAleer
April 28, 1952
U.S. Coast Guard
E.N. School Class B-136
Groten, Connecticut

Class ran: January 7, 1952 to April 28, 1952

The only person I can positively identify in this photo is #45, Leon W. Brinkley. The names listed here are what he has written on the back of the photo. You will note he missed giving names to numbers 23 to 27.

*Noted error* I don’t know if the names on the back of the photo run left to right (as they should) or from right to left. I state this because on the back of the photo he starts the naming from the right in the row he is in (the front row). So, each row has the men that were named in them, but I am just unsure as to which direction the names were listed.

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