About Leslie

Leslie Brinkley Lawson is a professional genealogist in the forensic genealogy field. She is also the owner of Lawson Research Services, LLC and has more than 14 years of professional experience in the forensic genealogy field. Leslie has done forensic genealogy research for attorneys across the United States. She has proven parentage for those unable to speak any longer because of injury or disability [dementia, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia]. Created family trees where the families absolutely detested each other, to those who were so thrilled to be reunited that they had a family reunion to celebrate.

Leslie currently serves as the President of the Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy and Oregon Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists. She stepped down as Education Chair for the Genealogical Forum of Oregon in 2007 after six years. Prior to starting her company, she worked in the accounting field for several large corporations. Her other love in life is numbers. They are as quiet as the records she sifts through to find people’s family links in history.

She is passionate about genealogy, and enjoys lecturing opportunities across the Pacific Northwest. Leslie has lectured to many societies, and enjoys creating a learning opportunity for any group. She can walk you through the needed steps to start your genealogy, or restart your genealogy. Or, she can show you how to find the missing family members for your next family reunion. She even does private tutoring in genealogy and different software packages used by genealogists. Programs such as RootsMagic, GenSmarts, AniMap. She loves sharing her knowledge of genealogy!

Leslie has received training in the genealogy field in a variety of ways. The Association of Professional Genealogists has a yearly Professional Management Conference that Leslie participates in most years. She enjoys the ability to network with colleagues as well as the level of learning that goes on at these all day seminars. She also enjoys traveling to national conferences and participating in the experience of things available in those specific places. Those wonderful experiences might include repositories, presidential libraries, museums, or other local items of interest. She loves seeing new places and learning new things.

You can reach Leslie by email at: Leslie@LawsonResearch.net; via her website at: www.LawsonResearch.net; call her at 503-806-6841 (cell); or you can write to her at: 5180 SW 198th Ave., Aloha, OR 97007. She would love to hear from you!